Our Love Story

After looking for love in all the wrong places, these two love birds finally met “the one” at church…the church of the internet, that is.

Taking the advice of a wise sage, Craig stuck up a conversation with Jeremiah and eventually invited him to meet for dinner. They met at Amelie’s and immediately ran into a number of mutual friends exiting a community meeting. Both were surprised how many people they knew in common. How could it be that they had never crossed paths before?

And imagine their surprise when they discover that they have the same birthday! What are the odds?

[The odds of meeting someone with your same birthday are actually .27% — but the odds are infinitely smaller that the person you meet who shares your birthday also becomes your forever love.]

Hence the logo with Taurus horns entwined:

JC Logo

After 15 years together [actually 6, it only feels like 15] these two stubborn Tauruses are getting hitched.

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